Our Founder

Orion Morton

After growing up in the salt marshes of Northeast Florida, Orion has lived in the Sarasota area since 2013. As a student of New College of Florida (NCF), he co-founded the NCF Food Forest & Carbon Farm and served the student body as the Vice President of Green Affairs. After graduating Orion stayed in the Sarasota-Manatee area to continue being a change agent for communities to press for ecological reform. Orion co-founded Florida Rewilding Collective to have a more direct impact in the community and form stronger relationships with local residents. He holds a certificate in Edible Forest Garden & Agroforestry design from Eric Toensmeier. By fostering diverse thoughts and actions on how we interact and experience the nature around us, Orion believes that our communities can become more resilient.

In addition to his passion for native and edible plants, he is working to improve the health of the waterways leading to Sarasota Bay, through planting projects and public outreach. Orion sits on the board of the Suncoast Waterkeepers, a 501(c)3 organization defending our right to clean, healthy waterways. He also educates about the health of our Sarasota Bay estuary as a kayak eco-tour guide.

Our Process


Consultations can be scheduled via email or phone, and can also be conducted virtually over video conference.

Design Proposal

Upon completion of the initial consultation we will begin the process of drawing up the design proposal. This is a non-binding document filled with suggestions and ideas on how to complete your project, as well as the estimated total cost of the project. Design proposals are purely preliminary and are subject to change and negotiation at all phases of the process.

Contract & Deposit

After reviewing and modifying the design proposal, we provide a contract to complete the negotiation process as well as collect a minimum 15% deposit (based on the total estimated cost of the project) in order to start the acquistion of materials.

Next Steps

At this point in the process we will proceed to coordinate all of the logistical particulars of your project, and work closely with you to make sure that we are fulfilling exactly what you had envisioned. The duration of this phase is highly dependent on the demands of the particular project. If you have hired us for design and installation work, the final phase is for us to break ground and plant! Final payment will be made upon completion of project (cash/check/Zelle accepted).