Florida Rewilding Collective




Florida Rewilding Collective is an environmental consulting organization, focused on connecting fragmented landscapes to the greater ecosystem. Through engaging with communities and our clients to rethink how they interact with our local ecologies, Florida Rewilding Collective strives to create spaces that foster our appreciation of, and interconnectedness to, the surrounding natural world. We achieve this by transforming contemporary landscapes into diverse and productive spaces, such as food forests, native plant restorations, and nutrient catchment systems.  These practices not only revitalize the ecosystem, but also transform our understanding of the impact we have as participants in nature.  

Florida Rewilding Collective also provides design and installation services for our clients. Interested in learning more? Check out our services page, portfolio, or get in touch. 

Check out our founder's feature in this Public Square piece from WEDU PBS. 

All of the features are worth a watch, but the Florida Rewilding Collective segment starts at 3:15.

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